A Week of Meals

I have several friends that are new to paleo eating. In honor of them I will be posting my meals for each day. I usually eat twice a day with tons of water in the middle.

This was breakfast:

I had leftover zucchini noodles from meatballs last night so I thought they’d make a good breakfast. I served that with two eggs, some tomatoes from the garden and bacon. I made extra bacon and had a few slices as a snack in between.

This was dinner:

The unfortunate theme of dinner was “oops I burned it!” The cabbage and the chicken are both a little toasty. I had grilled chicken, braised cabbage, and raw zucchini slices. Again all the vegetables are from the garden.

I also had a few raw unsalted cashews, and a glass of kombucha (fermented tea) but that would make for a boring picture so I didn’t take it.

I hope that by posting my daily meals I can help inspire a few of you to try paleo too. It’s really not that hard. One of the biggest suggestions I have right now is to stop trying to find substitutes for your favorite grain food. Don’t look for a paleo bread or muffin. Instead think about making meat and veggies the star. Up there for I mentioned that I use leftover zucchini noodles. I just take a whole zucchini and peel it with a juiliane peeler.


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4 responses to “A Week of Meals

  • Bec

    I use your blog as a constant “go to” when looking for ideas. I’m on here right now looking to see if you’ve done anything with skirt steak because it’s something I love and just bought one at the store… it will make 2-3 meals at least… maybe even breakfast. Was looking for a dinner idea that wasn’t JUST the steak. The steak I’ll marinade and grill… gotta figure out what else I want with it. While shopping I realized I didn’t take out my usual chicken breast for dinner tonight so going over what’s in my freezer I realized I have some big beautiful gulf shrimp. I know you don’t eat stuff that lives in water but I thought I’d share my plans anyway. Sautee with mushrooms, artichoke hearts, cherry tomatoes and spaghetti squash with lots of lemon and garlic. Sounded good to me… plus it’s quick and easy. Still working on eliminating grains… I feel like it’s something I have to do gradually. I’m still kinda stuck on my 40 calorie per slice toast in the morning and today I had a wrap using a 90 calorie flat bread because I was just kinda tired of eating my sandwiches (mainly tuna) in romaine leaves. Ate some hummus too… guess that’s technically a bean. I did buy some almond butter so… My diet is just a work in process. I’m scared to go cold Paleo!

  • thatgirldownsouth

    There is no reason to go cold paleo! (i like that phrase) Just like with any habit, forming new and better ones is hard to do. Some people can quit all at once, others have to wean themselves off.

    We don’t eat a lot of red meat because it’s too expensive for us right now. But, we’ll be buying a quarter of a cow soon so expect more beef recipes then. You could try a garlic balsamic marinade and cook it rare and slice it thin over a salad. oooh that sounds so good I wish I had some right now.

    When you start to go a whole week without grains you may want to consider one or two cheat meals. Meals that you’ve planned out for a Saturday or Sunday. I warn you after you’ve not eaten grains you’ll feel the difference when you cheat. But, a lot of people find it easier to bear when they have something to look forward to. Other people fall hard off the wagon when they cheat.

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