Chicken Coop 2.0

We’ve been sweating our behinds off lately refurbishing a boat covering into a chicken coop. A huge chicken coop. Here are some pictures of the progress.


We added support with 2×4’s across the middle and extra 4×4’s in the middle of the long sides.

T also built a very nice functional door.

We moved the concrete parking blocks into the middle so the grass would grow in and the house had something to rest on.

The house was built out of scraps we had lying around the house. We’ll add hay for the ladies to lay on. We also have a large rod secured in one corner for the gals to roost on at night.

We intend to add lattice to the two sides that the dogs have access to so that the walls are more secure. The other two sides are cordoned off and inaccessible to canines. I also moved a potted plant that likes to creep up lattice to one side for some more curb appeal.

Hopefully this is a happy home for our fine feathered friends. We’ll know soon enough and report back!


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2 responses to “Chicken Coop 2.0

  • Rebecca

    OK so I think this is so awesome… and I mentioned to Rob that I wish we had a piece of property big enough to have a coop… Rob’s response was “Know how you hate cleaning kitty litter? Well a coop is like sticking your head into a cat box with the lid on” Is the coop super smelly?

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