I’m Back

After two years, I’ve decided to dust off the cobwebs. So much has changed lately in our lives over here at Leetsstreet. T and I are currently expecting a tiny person, baby girl Chalupa. At 8 months pregnant I’ve had a lot of changes personally and physically. I do believe that I may be smuggling sporting equipment under my clothing.  We’re very excited, nervous, and confused about all things baby. Ever the hippies, we’re going to use cloth diapers and breast feeding, as well as our own strange blend of personalities to raise this tiny bundle of energy.

Our little flock has grown to 13 hens and one rooster. (with many planned and unplanned deaths in the last two years) They provide a lot of interesting adventures and lessons on how to raise animals. We’re constantly learning and being challenged by our fine feathered friends. This spring we want to start hatching our own baby chickens for sale or eating. Stay tuned for that little bit of fluff and excitement.

Of course I’m still doing a lot of cooking, but it’s not as paleo as it once was. We still eat fairly healthy but some aspects of our meals have changed.

I’m excited to share my new life with you. Please feel free to comment with topics and ideas you’d like to see covered in the future.

-Cassie and the Leetsstreet family

T, Cass, and Chalupa

T, Cass, and Chalupa B

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