Baby Showers

This weekend T and I had a baby shower for the taco super hero. 

Chalupa Batman

Chalupa Batman- taco superhero!

She’s got approximately one month left of incubation before she’s ready for the big world. It’s all very exciting. I’ve never done this before so it’s all been a learning experience too. Well one thing I knew before I ever got pregnant was I hated baby showers. I hate the games. I hate the abundance of estrogen and light pink or baby blue. It’s just all too girly for me. So when it came time to start talking about our own baby shower I told T I would prefer a BBQ where all of our friends could feel comfortable to hang out. Not just the ladies. 

So in planning the number one thing I stressed was this going to be a little bit different. We had some great food. Tons of awesome friends, and for the most part it was everything I wanted in a shower. The only thing I was unable to get away from was the dreaded opening presents. I’ve always been uncomfortable opening presents in front of people, especially if I was the only one opening. But that’s tradition right? That’s the reason you give the gift, to see the person open it. But, the things I’m thinking are am I making the right face? Did I express how grateful I was? How bored is everyone else at watching me? It’s all very stressful. 


totally adorable outfit, terribly ridiculous face

 Then there’s the pictures! Let me just say I’m so glad I wore shorts, otherwise there’d be some terrible crotch shots. (do you know how hard it is to reach the ground with a basketball in your lap?)

Tiny helpers make the ground closer.

Tiny helpers make the ground closer.

We were so lucky to have such amazing friends. We got a lot of presents. I’m not that super emotional pregnant lady, but if I were, I would have cried from the love that I felt that day. I’ve always been a sucker for those gifts that are homemade. Have a unique story. Are hilarious because of some inside joke we have. The part I did like is when that person came up and told me a little story to go with the present, some personal reason why the present was special to them. So, while I could have taken them all home and opened them there, I’d have missed that personal touch. I received a present that had among other things hand written birth affirmations. This did make me tear up a bit. See, I’m having a hippie birth (I’ll make a post on that later) one of the things I keep stressing to myself is the positive. This woman got it. She made cards to help me focus on those positives. It really meant a lot to me. 

This is birth.

This is birth.

On top of those kind gifts there were tons from people in the know. This thermometer is great for babies? I have no idea about baby thermometers, but I know one night down the road when Chalupa is sick and crying, and I’m frazzled and scared, that thermometer that doesn’t have to be inserted into an orifice, will be a godsend. Those breast pads? Right now they just look like funny ice packs, but when I’ve been nursing for three days and my nipples are on fire, I’ll be so grateful they exist. 

I also had a long distance friend send me a picture. He said “You’re going to be getting a bunch of stuff for the baby. This is for you two.” The picture has come to represent that we are still people, adults, humans that came around a long time before this tiny wonder. It’s a really nice reminder to me that without us as people, Chalupa couldn’t have been a people either. I don’t know if he meant for it to have that much meaning, but that’s what I see. 


“Don’t forget, you are still you.”

The biggest thing I learned from the baby shower, is there there is a small army of people who love us, support us, and want to be here for us. It’s still so overwhelming. We may be far from our biological families, but out here in the great state of Texas, we’ve cultivated an amazing family from our friends. If I haven’t said it enough I want to reiterate it just so you know,

I love you guys, and thank you thank you thank you!



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