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Wednesday’s Meals

Breakfast today was 3 scrambled eggs, 6ish pieces of bacon, and 1.5 cups of broccoli. Breakfast was a bit larger than normal because there was a particularly killer WOD today. I upped the protein hoping it would help to give me the boost I needed. In the end I couldn’t finish all this and left some egg and bacon for later. The bacon I cooked all at once a few days ago for ease later in the week.

Snack was a mix of cashews, unsweetened coconut, and pecans. I don’t always snack, but on nights T coaches I find I need something to carry myself over until dinner which happens after 8:30.

Dinner was a mix of mustard and collard greens with chorizo and eggs. I love chorizo and eggs. We are running low on proteins and I haven’t gone grocery shopping yet. That’s why I had eggs twice today, plus they are super easy to cook. I know it’s not very creative but It’s okay. Tomorrow We’ll have something made from pork shoulder that can be made slowly in a crock pot or stove top.

As always I drink tons of water, a few cups of coffee (less today because I was so excited about rowing time trials), and a glass of kombucha.

I also thinned out the garden to make way for some new crops. I planted beans, peas, corn (I know it’s not paleo), two kinds of hard squash, watermelon, cantaloupe, and oregano. I tore out all but one cucumber because I honestly am kind of tired of them. I cut back the zucchini to four main plants, again getting a bit tired of zucchini. I have a freezer stocked with plenty of zucchini for the winter. Hopefully our new diversity will grow as well as the first round of plants.

Paleo tip 3- That bacon fat you drain off when cooking it makes for a perfect cooking fat. If you cook it like I do on a baking rack  the fat is much cleaner too. Just store it in an old glass jar with a lid. I  keep mine in the fridge but the counter is fine too. next time you roast your veggies use a little bacon fat to cook them, so good. (if you keep your fat in the fridge do not pour fresh super hot oil into the cold hard fat in the jar. It will shatter.)



What did you eat today?



I have 4 zucchini/summer squash plants that are producing about 3-5 large squash every day. I have eaten a lot of zucchini and squash lately. I’m going to have to start freezing some to make space for more. I’m so happy for my produce abundance!

The plants were so large I actually had to prune them back a bit. Those were all stalks of leave where you see the tubes.

I’ve eaten it in hash for breakfast.I’ve eaten it in noodle shape for dinner.

I’ve eaten it grilled at least 4 nights a week.

My cucumbers are also quite happy and productive.

Mostly they are eaten in salad. I’m looking for some new interesting ways to eat them because they don’t freeze well. Do you have any ideas?

My tomatoes are just starting to ripen. I can’t wait for those. I also have some peppers popping up. Peppers take forever though so I’m not really crossing my fingers for anything soon there.

With Lola on the pest control my collard greens and cabbage are coming back. Tonight I’m having my first harvest of collard greens in a few weeks. The caterpillars took their toll on the leaves.

I also am very excited about these.

They are weeds!

I started letting them grow two years ago because I thought they were pretty and I realized they were berry plants. This year they have had their first berries. These are not ripe yet but I can’t wait until they are!

mmmm homegrown.

Are you tending a garden? How are your crops looking right now?

Paleo Enchiladas

I have a very successful garden growing right now.

In it there are some pretty large collard green plants. I had read a recipe somewhere that used collard greens to wrap a fish fillet in. I took that idea a step further and made enchiladas.

I used pulled pork from a previous night. This or this is a good recipe to use for shredded pork. I washed the greens, then removed the hard central vein. My leaves were so large that I used half of one to roll up the meat.

Next time I will double up the greens to add a little more heft to them so they are more like a tortilla. Place the rolls closely together in an oiled baking dish.

Keeping them close helps to ensure your stuffing will stay in.

Then I covered them in mole sauce. It’s a chocolaty Mexican sauce. However, your favorite Mexican enchilada sauce will go well here too.

Then bake the enchiladas uncovered for 30 minutes. The sauce will have cooked the greens and it should be a lovely cohesive dish.

I topped mine with some fresh pico.

Avocado egg boats on a sea of sausage with seaweed

I started working out at Crossfit Lumberton about two weeks ago. I’m still not a fan, but I’m going to keep it up because I certainly need the exercise. T has been a coach for awhile and I feel like I’ve been part of the family. I just took the next logical step and joined. (mmm Kool-Aid) Along with joining I’m getting back on the paleo wagon. This was a long time coming as I’ve gained a lot of weight and started getting sick again. Yuck. So Sunday will mark one week in to my strict paleo no cheats no alcohol 30 day challenge.   Mostly I’ve been eating a baked or grilled meat with broccoli or spinach, nothing creative. However, Friday night I guess running my behind off and using lots of curse words while working out made me creative, hence this crazy concoction.

I have to give credit to Cassi and Krissi for filling my FB page of talk of avocado boats. This was just one step further towards Ron Swanson. The entire thing was super easy to make. You can adjust the ingredients to your liking, but this is what I did. I made “seaweed” out of collard greens. (I omitted the butter and used water instead of stock) I love greens they are so delicious. If you don’t like greens make a salad or something. I think this meal needs something green on bottom.

Avocado Egg Boats on a Sea of Sausage

2 spicy sausages

2 eggs

1 large avocado sliced in half with peel removed

1 roma tomato diced

a few tablespoons of  fresh cilantro

dash of hot Cajun seasoning

Strip the casing from the sausage and pat down into an oven safe bowl.

If you have time go ahead and make your own sausage it’s much better for you. Bake in the bowl for about 15 minutes.

I hate eating runny egg whites so I partially pre cooked my eggs.

When they were that icky consistency of runny whites on top, I ungracefully slid them on to my avocados into the hole left by the seed.

Then I put them on the sausage and broiled them until they were my desired doneness. About 7 minutes. I sprinkled cilantro and tomatoes on top with a dash of hot Cajun seasoning.

These were super good and I will make them again. This meal could easily have fed two people but it was my one meal of the day aside from a protein shake for lunch and I was hungry.

Fried Pork Chops and Collard Greens

This is a perfect Sunday meal. I seasoned the chops with a little Slap yo’ Momma, egg wash,then floured them with coconut flour. I only used about 2 tbsp of flour. If you prefer you can omit this, but I like the little crust some egg and flour give it. I also made greens using my recipe but instead of bacon I just used bacon fat. Instead of water I used a little chicken stock I made from the smoked chicken.

T fried these bad boys up in some oil and then finished them up in the oven for about 5 minutes. I made some roasted broccoli to go with.

The meal was exactly what Sunday evening called for.

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Collard Greens and a Spice Rub

Believe it or not I had never eaten greens until I moved down south. Shocking, I know! I avoided greens for the longest time expecting them to taste terrible. Why did I wait so long? Collard greens are delicious and full of great for you nutrition. It is very closely related to cabbage but it doesn’t form a head like cabbage. They are high in many vital minerals, they help lower cholesterol, and have been shown to reduce the risk of cancer. Look here for more on collard greens. They are also very cheap, usually under a dollar for a head.

The dark green leaves take a little more time to prepare than just eating a salad but the taste and health benefits are definitely worth it. I doubt that any true southerner would say these are the traditional way to prepare them. But, I feel everything tastes better with bacon and butter. Try this recipe out and I guarantee you will be a greens convert too.

For our meat portion of the meal T found a spice rub in Men’s Journal that was very tasty. We made a few alterations to the original cutting a significant portion of the salt and sugar. It is spicy and sweet without being overpowering. Below are the measurements we used.

Collard Greens

2 bunches of greens washed and cut

1 yellow onion sliced

3 cloves of garlic diced

3 slices of bacon diced

1/2 stick of butter

1/3 cup of chicken stock

pepper (do not add salt because the above ingredients add quite a bit on their own)

Dry Rub

1tbsp ground cumin

1tbsp ancho chili powder (regular chili powder works too)

1tbsp salt

1tbsp brown sugar

2 tbsp black pepper

1.5 tsp cayenne

Wash the greens well. No one likes a gritty side dish. Trim the main stem from the center of the leaf and discard. Cut the leaf into ~1 inch squares.

Melt butter in a large deep pan over med low heat. Add bacon, onions, and pepper to the butter.

Cook bacon and onions on medium low until the onions begin to get soft and clear. Add the garlic and continue to cook until you have a browned the onion and rendered a lot of delicious fat. Remember fat is your friend. Fat is what our brains run on. Don’t fear the fat!

Add the greens and stock to the pan. Toss a few times to coat and cover.

The greens take about 30 minutes from this point. You will want to occasionally stir them. They will be lovely and wilted when done. If there is still a lot of liquid uncover and stir for the last 5 minutes.

I seasoned some chicken legs and pork chops with the rub and grilled them until done.

We ate the meat and greens with some roasted broccoli. This is my favorite way to make broccoli and it is so simple. Just cut up into large chunks, drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle salt and pepper, then roast at 350 until lightly browned.

This meal is perfectly paleo and so yummy. Try it for your next BBQ.