Friday and Go!

So Friday is posted late. We had girl’s day on Friday and then I got caught up in my weekend. I kept mostly paleo on Friday. I ate a normal breakfast cooked by the lovely T.

But after that it was margamosas and chips! We invented a new drink, and there were epic amounts of chips (and tequila) present. I tried to be good but the margamosas were potent! I ate a lot of guac with a spoon, but the fat kid in me couldn’t resist the tortilla chips. I’m happy to report, though, that I didn’t make too  many terrible decisions later, because I drank protein shakes. T and I drink Iso Pure. It’s a whey based protein, and we get the zero carb kind. I knew that I was going into potentially carb bomb of a day. I tried to minimize that impact with shakes. I didn’t want to be hungry and tempted by bad food. I also LOVE to dance!One needs energy to dance their behind off. So, in the scheme of things I may have worked off all those chips later in the evening. 😉

For normal maintenance I don’t recommend replacing  2 of your meals with protein. However, on a night like this it was perfect. I didn’t crave a hamburger late night, AND I had plenty of energy to dance.


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