Birds and eggs

So we’ve had Lola the chicken for a few weeks now. She is almost always laying an egg a day.

She is pretty happy with the set up in the garden. My dogs are dying to eat her, and tell me so on a daily basis. Thankfully they cannot get into the garden area and their whining doesn’t seem to phase the chicken at all. T remarked the other day that he never thought he’d shout the phrase “Dagney quit harrassing the chicken!” so often in his life. Currently Lola has an old dog kennel to lay eggs in and roost on top of.

But, we’ve decided that we are going to build a chicken area and get a few more gals. I thought keeping chickens would be more time consuming or troublesome. But so far it’s super easy. I throw a bit of feed out twice a day and that’s it.

Speaking of egg laying birds I found this little nest on my porch.

It has a teeny tiny brown speckled egg in it.

It’s so cute.I hope it hatches so I can see the itty bitty baby!

*edit-when I originally typed this up it was Sunday and there was only one egg. Today there are 4! I don’t want to stress the momma out by taking any more pictures. If I’m out there with a camera when she’s out I’ll take another shot.*

Finally, be jealous of my daily bounty. This is what I harvested today. At this point I’m giving a lot of vegetables to friends because I can’t keep up with eating it all. I love having homegrown veggies in my house.


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