Paleo Enchiladas

I have a very successful garden growing right now.

In it there are some pretty large collard green plants. I had read a recipe somewhere that used collard greens to wrap a fish fillet in. I took that idea a step further and made enchiladas.

I used pulled pork from a previous night. This or this is a good recipe to use for shredded pork. I washed the greens, then removed the hard central vein. My leaves were so large that I used half of one to roll up the meat.

Next time I will double up the greens to add a little more heft to them so they are more like a tortilla. Place the rolls closely together in an oiled baking dish.

Keeping them close helps to ensure your stuffing will stay in.

Then I covered them in mole sauce. It’s a chocolaty Mexican sauce. However, your favorite Mexican enchilada sauce will go well here too.

Then bake the enchiladas uncovered for 30 minutes. The sauce will have cooked the greens and it should be a lovely cohesive dish.

I topped mine with some fresh pico.


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