I must admit here to you guys, I am addicted to cracklins. I know that acceptance is the first step but I have no desire to recover from this! My friend Sean has shown me the way to homemade cracklin bliss. I used to have to drive 30min to get them now I can make them in my home and get rendered fat as a lovely byproduct.

First trim the skin off of your large pork hunk in the freezer. I know you have about three of them there if you buy meat like I do. (when it’s on sale stock up) make sure to keep the fat on it too, this is where you get your fat for frying. Cut the skin and fat into smaller chunks.

Cook the chunks on low until you have enough rendered fat to fry up the remaining skin pieces. This takes about an hour. I lightly seasoned them before this but the end result was very salty so this may not be a good  idea.

After an hour turn the heat up and watch the magic happen. The pieces will begin to bubble up a bit. Cook for about 20 minutes stirring and flipping the pieces until all sides are beautiful and crispy. I took mine out and seasoned them a bit early. Next time I’ll try a piece to see if they are crispy enough. I used my favorite Cajun seasoning Slap Ya Momma. But, any Cajun seasoning will do here.

They taste like happy magic bacon and ought to be consumed everyday! of course that’s not the best health advice, but then fat fried in fat never is. You will also have a bit of leftover fat. Don’t throw this away. Save it for cooking your eggs and vegetable in. It’s so tasty you’d be sad if you didn’t. Trust me.


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