French Onion Soup

We went to a dinner party last night that asks everyone to bring an item to eat. We brought french onion soup for which the base was the stock I made earlier in the week. It came out very tasty. This recipe uses bread and cheese in the classic way, however, you can definitely leave those off if you want to keep it paleo. I’ve made this soup so many times that I don’t use a recipe any more, so below are approximations of how I made it last night.

French Onion Soup

12 onions sliced

1 stick of butter

2 tbsp thyme

2tbsp red pepper (not traditional but I like spice in everything)

1tbsp garlic powder (I can’t believe it but I ran out of fresh garlic!)

fresh black pepper and salt

4 qt of stock

1 loaf of french bread sliced and toasted

1 block of swiss cheese (Gruyere is also a great cheese) grated

Chop all of your onions. You might as well think of something very sad because this many onions will have you crying. I’ve found refrigerating the onions before hand helps with the tears but nothing gets rid of it completely.

Melt your butter in a deep pot. You can of course use olive oil or coconut oil, but butter is amazing and shouldn’t be scorned here.

Add all of your onions, and spices to the melted butter. Cook the onions on medium low heat covered while stirring every few minutes. This process takes a while and shouldn’t be rushed. You want to sweat the onions down for awhile. The onions take on a butter like consistency and taste when you are finished. Of course the stick of butter couldn’t hurt. This will take about an hour. You’ll know they are done when your onions are soft and reduced my more than half and there is liquid in the pot.

This is what they should look like when done. Like delicious butter onions!

Add your beef stock. I just added liquid until it was to the top.

Continue to cook on medium for another 20 minutes.

Pull out the ramekins, place a piece of toast  in the middle. Ladle your soup on top then sprinkle the cheese. Put them in the oven until the cheese is melted. Enjoy! The dinner party was an enormous success! There was so much good food that I wish I could live there!

(last photo was by Lorenzo thanks for taking it for me!)




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