Great Tips to Save You Time

I get asked all the time by friends and coworkers “How do you have time for this?” Cooking is not the difficult time consuming task that so many believe it to be. Take a few extra steps and your kitchen life will be that much easier. I love to make huge meals keep half for lunches during the week and freeze the other half. This way down the road I’ll have a meal ready to go with little prep. These are great life savers on busy work days. Buy a ton of produce, wash it, cut it, and store in the fridge until you’re ready to eat. That way a salad is just a few handfuls away from being eaten and an omelet only takes heat. The other thing that seems contrary to time saving but is perfect for a busy family is to learn to love slow cooking. Pot roast is the easiest thing in the world to prepare and so tasty. Toss those prepared veggies in a large pot with a hunk of meat. Cook it low and slow all day while you are at work. Come home to a delicious meal.

I’m working on one such lovely recipe right now for chicken soup; I’ll post the recipe this week. But while you wait, these fine people have some more excellent tips on making your cooking life easier. I hope you read through these experts advice and find your kitchen a little less daunting too.


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