Mashed Sweet Potatoes

I’ve been meaning to post this forever because it is such a tasty paleo side dish. It is very easy to make and yields some of the best sweet potatoes ever. I’m sorry to say I got distracted by BBQ and company to take decent pictures of this. The solution is you will just have to make some of your own to take some pretty pictures of and then send them to me!

Mashed Sweet Potatoes

3 large sweet potatoes

1 1/2 can of coconut milk

1/2 small can of diced chipotle peppers

2 tsp ground ginger


Wash and quarter the sweet potatoes. I don’t like to peel them but if you are a person that likes naked roots then go for it.

Boil the potatoes until soft. Drain the potatoes reserving about a cup of liquid to add back in if necessary. Add all remaining ingredients and mash up.

Add reserved liquid if the mash is too thick. That’s it. These are so tasty! Since the holiday is coming up, these would be perfect for Thanksgiving. Paleo or not.


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2 responses to “Mashed Sweet Potatoes

  • The Nez

    Is there a difference between canned coconut milk and the one in the milk carton??

    • thatgirldownsouth

      Yes, usually the carton kind has been filtered down quite a bit with a lot of the fat cut out. The coconut fat is good. You want that. The milk still tastes good but the nutritional content and delicious factor is cut by a lot when from a carton. (Although I’ve been seeing studies coming out about BPAs and canned food which means I will need to find a new way to get my coconut milk).

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