Stephen’s Sausage Fest

Hehehe okay, sorry for the raunchy title. My friend Stephen was lamenting about store bought sausage not being super paleo. I told him that he needs to start making it for himself instead. He came up with the title.

With a meat grinder you can make super tasty sausage that you can feel happy knowing what exactly you are eating. I don’t use casing for my sausage but if you decided to go that route double check the ingredients because a lot of casings are full of food products and strange additives that you might not want to put in your body. Natural animal casing is the best way to go there.

You need to work with frozen meat.

Hot Italian Sausage

1 pork loin diced in inch cubes and frozen

1tbsp 1tsp garlic powder

1tbsp 1tsp Italian seasoning

1tbsp 1tsp red pepper

1tbsp black pepper

1tsbsp kosher salt

2tsp thyme

2tsp rosemary

2tsp oregano

3tbsp bacon fat

Cut your loin into smaller chunks ~1 inch cubes. Freeze the chunks and the meat grinder unit. What will happen is the pork fat, when warm, junks up the grinding plates and you are stuck scraping them every few minutes. It’s a huge pain and almost not worth it. If everything is frozen you bypass this problem. I grind it once on the large setting. Then I mix all the remaining ingredients in to the meat with a fork. You want to try and not warm it up too much. If it’s totally unfrozen just put it on a cookie sheet and set it in the freezer for a few minutes while you enjoy some tasty sangria and the fine company.  Then regrind the meat with the seasonings. I use the same size grinding plate so it’s not so fine.

That’s it. You now have tasty sausage you can use to stuff vegetables or eat for breakfast. Always make a test patty to make sure the seasoning is what you want. The adding of fat is important to keep it moist. If you have a fatty cut of meat you don’t necessarily have to add fat. Again, a test patty is key in trouble shooting your delicious sausage.

I made patties the next morning. I browned them in a pan then finished cooking them in the oven with some brussel sprouts for breakfast. It was super tasty!


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