Accidental Chicken

Ever start a meal with good intentions and end up going out to dinner or something instead? That’s what happened here. I was going to make a roasted chicken and T came home and really wanted to go out. I figured the chicken was on low and slow, I would just let it finish cooking and eat it tomorrow instead. Well dinner turned into drinks and about 7 hours later we got home. Yes, I cooked a chicken for 7 hours. It was only at 200 so nothing was burned but it was definitely very well cooked, see also mushy vegetables. I pulled it out and the chicken fell apart. I figured I’d refrigerate it and figure it out what to do with it the next morning. I figured it wasn’t salvageable and I’d just throw it away. Well the next day I very carefully de-boned the chicken and discarded the skin. It was a whole chicken so I wanted to be sure not to drop a small bone back in the soupy mess where I couldn’t find it. The vegetables were obviously too soft to salvage so I thought maybe I’d blend it into a sauce. I blended it up added a few more spices and it was actually not bad, something resembling tomato soup. I added the chicken back into the veggies and it was good. If it were winter time this would be a perfect comfort meal! (Add a grilled cheese sandwich for real authenticity) T even liked it. Now we were bad and had this over real rice. But, it is fine the way it is or over paleo rice. There are a lot of veggies in this meal so it is pretty good for you no matter what nutrition plan you follow. I can only approximate the measurements and time because I was pretty sure I’d end up throwing the whole thing out.

Accidental Chicken

1 whole chicken

2 tablespoons red curry paste

4 roma tomatoes cut in large chunks

1 yellow onion in large chunks

1 head of bok choy without the greens in large chunks

3 sliced red jalapenos

~1 tsp madras curry powder

~ 1tsp garlic powder

~1 tsp onion powder

~1tsp black pepper

~1 tsp red pepper flakes

~1 tbsp of kosher salt

Coat chicken in 1 tbsp of curry paste. Place chicken on top of diced veggies.

Cook covered in an oven safe pot at 200 for 3-4 hours. When chicken is falling apart remove from heat.Remove skin and bones and shred the chicken. Set chicken aside.

When cool, blend vegetables and whatever liquid has come from the chicken until smooth.

Pour mixture back in same pot. Add remaining spices. Bring liquid to a boil and add chicken.

Serve as is or over the rice of your choice. Sometimes even mistakes end up okay.

Have you had a similar mistake turned good? or bad? Tell me about it.


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