Frozen Fruity Pops

I love to eat frozen treats in the summer time. This is a paleo version of a tasty treat. If you let the fruit get extra ripe there is no need to add a sweetener to this. I have played around with different fruits but I really like this combination right now. These are a super tasty treat for summer time and I don’t feel guilty eating them because it is totally paleo friendly.

Frozen Fruity Pops

1/2 of a peach

1/2 of a mango

3 large strawberries

1/8 cup coconut milk

Remove stems and pits from the fruit. Place all items in a food processor or blender. Blend until smooth.

Freeze in a tray like mine or use small paper cup with a wooden craft stick. I found my tray for around $3 at Walmart, but you can find them everywhere right now. This recipe fits perfectly in my little 6 pop tray. If yours is bigger, or you are making more, then of course you will need to increase the recipe.


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