I’m going to have a contest. Yay! The site has been around a while and I think it will be fun. If you want to enter the contest all you have to do is leave a comment here telling me your favorite food. If you go and like the leetsstreet facebook page you will be entered twice! We will be giving away a batch of yum yum bars and some beef jerky to one random person. If you are local I’ll deliver it to you. If not I’ll contact you for your address and mail it out to you. Obviously the food will be homemade by us and you will take full responsibility for any food allergies you may have. The drawing will be held in a super high tech way too! I’ll write your name on a piece of paper and draw it out of a hat. Yes, I’m serious. The contest starts today and will end in one week on Friday July 8th at midnight.



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16 responses to “Contest!

  • Karen Whisenhunt Saar

    How fun! Hmmmm….I’m too indecisive to have one favorite food …in these situations I tend to answer with something like “pizza,” “salad,” or “pasta” because it is so versatile and could taste different every time. I’ll try and be more specific. Right now I am craving stuffed grape leaves so I am going to go with that.

  • Jeremiah L. Roe

    Bacon wrapped shrimp skewered on to an organic sage (twig,branch? whatever you want to call it, it is a friggin stick on which the herb sage grows and they sell it in a clear plastic rectangul where I shop.).Either boil the shrimp or fry it in grapeseed oil( grapeseed oil is good for everything especially as a coating on meat to seal in the juices [post-marinade if you are the marinade type, which I am not] just before you toss it on the grill or throw it in the broiler.) on a medium setting.While this is happening you’ll want to wash the sage and remove dead leaves, but be careful not to remove too many. Wrap each peice of pre-cooked shrimp with your favorite bacon and stick a few on the stick like a Kabob, but not too close together or the bacon won’t cook. Slap it on the grill and let the bacon get nice and crisp, while enjoying the scent of the exposed sage cooking. Best eaten by pulling the shrimps off and popping the whole thing in your mouth. This will bring a fair bit of the sage leaves off with it and the flavor combination is quite unique.

  • Christy

    WEll, how about tonights dinner… lingusa, roasted white corn and Tryggs veggie mash up… eggplant, squash and zuc cut up, sauteed in olive oil, cinnamon, lemon juice, sea salt and pepper… let it sit for about 45 minutes and BAM. yum yums!

  • StephenW

    I would say a good steak with some kind of complimenting vegetables.

  • Tone Keys

    Absolutely love, love, love your blog. 🙂 do you sell your jerky?

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  • piecesonnapkins

    My favorite food changes near daily, but if I had to pick something consistently great it would be potato soup. I’ve had dozens of different kinds of potato soup over the years and the best ever was a smooth cream based potato soup with grilled shrimp in it. Heavenly.

  • Beth R.

    I love your Site! I am new to Paleo so…it is a little adjustment. I love bacon wrapped dates!!! Yum and Paleo friendly. Please let me know if you start selling the Jerkey as well!

  • Danielle H

    I have always wondered about Indian food. You lay it out nicely so perhaps this will be the nudge i need to try it! Thanks for sharing with everyone!

  • krissi

    About a year ago, I probably would have answered chicken and dumplings and rolls. Now, I would have to say I love a nice, big steak and grilled zucchini. I wish I was having that for dinner tonight.

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