Chicken and Vegetable Soup

We had a fridge full of vegetables. So many that they would have gone bad if we hadn’t eaten them up soon. T suggested soup. I love soup because it freezes well, is super easy to make, and is perfect for cleaning out a refrigerator. We smoked a chicken for this to add some flavor. If you don’t have a smoker you could roast or grill one (a rotisserie from the grocery store works well too).  After the chicken cooked I let it cool a bit so I could chop it up. Bones give a ton of flavor to soup and stock. However, I’m not a fan of picking small bones from out of my food. So I basically quartered the chicken cutting out the ribs and smaller bones leaving the wings, legs, and thighs of the chicken in tack. The skin would help flavor the broth but it gets a little squishy after cooking in liquid. I chose to eat the skin, but if you add it to the broth I would suggest removing it before serving.

Chicken and Vegetable Soup

one smoked chicken chopped and de-boned of smaller bones (I placed about 5 red jalapenos under the skin to add more spice, then chopped them up to add to the soup)

2 cups yellow onion chopped (about one medium)

2 cups of carrots chopped (about two smaller handfuls)

2 cups of orange bell pepper chopped (about two)

2 heads of roasted garlic

1 stick of butter

2 bay leaves

2 cans of chicken stock

2 tbsp thyme

2tbsp oregano

Water to cover (about 1.5 qt)

Salt and pepper

1 head of kale with stems removed and chopped

3 leaves of bok choy chopped (use leaf to stem)

Cook chicken with your favorite seasoning. We used Texjoy BBQ rub. Chop into smaller parts when cool enough to handle.

While the chicken is cooling, dice your vegetables and sauté them in butter.

Leave out the greens until the last 20mins of soup cooking. Add herbs, stock, and chicken to vegetables. Add water until just covered.

Simmer for 40 minutes or longer. The last 20 minutes add your greens.

We made this and went out for the evening so it was on low for about 12 hours. It was really good the next day for breakfast.

You do not have to cook it for this long. The longer cook helps to draw out more flavors from the chicken. When you serve make sure to mind the bones.

This made a ton of soup so I froze half of it immediately and kept the other half in the fridge.


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