French onion soup

All right, this is beyond easy but oh so very tasty.


3-4 (or more, they cook down) Large Onions

A stick of butter

2 cartons of beef broth or a similar quantity of homemade stock

Herbs to taste like rosemary/thyme/eye-talian seasoning/dill, etc.

Garlic- i roasted some garlic earlier so i used about 7 -10 cloves in the soup but garlic is an individual preference so choose your own adventure on this one

Salt and Pepper to taste

The Process:

1) Take your stick of butter and plop it down in a nice big pot over medium heat to begin browning

2) Slice up your onions.  Dont freak out about them all being the same size or shape or whatever, they will be loved no matter how they look.

3) When butter is nice and browned add the onions and garlic stir to nicely coat them all

4) Add your herbs salt and pepper.  I diced up a few sprigs of rosemary, a couple dashes of dill, and some herbs de provence because i’m classy like that

5) Turn the heat down to a medium/low temperature, cover the pot, and walk away

6) Check on the onions from time to time and give the occasional stir.  The idea here is to sweat all the yummy sugars out of the onion.  You will see that the mixture will become much more liquidy over time, this is a good thing- it means you are on track.

7) About an hour or 2 later you will add one carton of stock and check the consistency.  This soup is more on the thin side being as though it is so simple but you dont want it to be too thin so add stock sparingly.

#8 For the non-paleo folk, you would now ladle it into an oven safe bowl/ramekin, float a hunk of crusty bread on top of it, lay a piece of Gruyere  or Parmesan and stick it under a broil for a couple minutes.

Paleo people, well… you cant exactly do #8 but you can feel smug in the knowledge that you arent imbibing in all those nasty grains (LOL)

Soup’s On!


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