Paleo Seminar

Crossfit Beaumont put on a great introductory seminar tonight about Paleolithic eating and different topics related to overall health and wellness. Of course I’m the annoying person in the front row asking a ton of questions. (It must be the teacher in me) I learned some really good information and refreshed myself on some topics I had forgot about. Clayton answered my question about fish oils, the ratio on back of DHA to EPA isn’t as important as making sure you get around 1000 mg a day. Brian and Neal talked to me about fat. Animal fat and vegetable fat are equally good, however, if you want to lose weight dial down your intake. Sean reminded me that sleep is vitally important to help with cortisol and stress. (End of school year chaos anyone?) Even learned of a place to order good grass fed beef. I’ve been putting off eating the free range and grass fed because of the price but maybe this is my chance to get on that healthy humane band wagon.

I think all the presenters did a great job. Thank you for sharing and educating us.

Although I’m not an actual crossfitter I’m constantly reminded of what a great and motivated community this is. This seminar on health and fitness is just one more example of that.  If you live in the Beaumont area I highly recommend that you take the free class on Saturday and see what the hype is about.

It should look like this, minus the top few grains and dairy.


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