Smoked Chicken

Saturday was a beautiful day. Perfect weather for some much needed yard work and BBQing on the smoker. I never knew that BBQ was something more than a sauce until I moved to Texas. I’m so sad I missed out on it for so long. I love smoked meat. It is so delicious and smoky. If I had my way every meal would consist of smoked meat. It is not a very expedient or easy method to prepare meat, however. It is time and labor intensive and is really only possible on a perfect Saturday where you spend the whole day in the yard allowing plenty of time to check on your coals and smoke. We used a beer butt chicken with some Tex Joy BBQ rub. For those of you above the Mason Dixon line a beer butt chicken is exactly what it sounds like. You place a chicken over a metal cylinder that contains beer and smoke it. It keeps the meat really juicy.  We ate the amazing bird with a bright salad. It was well worth all the hard work to come to dinner with something so tasty. The added bonus is that our yard looks fantastic now!

If you do not have a smoker you can do this on a grill too. The smoke flavor is really what makes this outstanding though.


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