Sorry for the lack of posts lately. So many of the Leets food has been previously cooked meals. I made Asian style short ribs ala this recipe. Using a 1/4 cup of each of the following agave, sesame oil, soy sauce and rice wine vinegar plus the usual ginger and garlic. Last 20 minutes I threw in some kale. The beef and kale were made for each other. They were a perfect taste compliment.

I also made my egg cups with a few variations to eat for the whole week. Whipped up the eggs (it gives the more bread-y texture), chopped sausage, chopped bacon, cooked and chopped kale, diced hot peppers. I make a ton of these and heat them up at school each day for breakfast. They are portable and easy to make. Just oil your muffin pan, toss in fillings, then pour in beaten eggs. Bake until done. Re-heat for 20 seconds on a microwave. This picture is proof that tasty doesn’t equal pretty.

I promise soon I will have something more inspiring to cook. I have been very busy lately with work and activities, that I’ve not been very creative. Dinner has just been sauce packets on meat and a salad. Something of that quality is not worth posting to a blog.

This weekend we ran a mud race. We were dressed as southern zombies. So, in lieu of a great new recipe I give you zombies.


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