Paleo Lean Down Challenge

I’ve been thinking about paleo a lot recently because down south our spring is almost over. I have always had bad allergies during the spring season. I would live on allergy medicine. It was starting to get so bad that I thought I was developing asthma. I had inhalers everywhere, and was taking Singular.  This was not good. My mom has had asthma all my life and it has always scared me.

Well, about a year ago I started to eat a mostly paleo/primal diet. I noticed that I relied less and less on my inhalers and stopped taking Singular.

Then spring came. I have had no problems this spring. I haven’t taken any medicine or used my inhalers. I had two allergy attacks that occurred after rolling around with the dogs and rubbing my face afterward. 2 times. That’s it. I used to spend weeks in allergy mode and live on the allergy meds just to breathe.  Now I have no need.

If it has done this for me in just a year of eating mostly paleo (I’m not strict paleo, but adhere to it about 80% of the time. ) I can only imagine what it will do when I go strict. I’m joining a paleo lean down challenge this weekend. Strict paleo, no cheating. I’m really interested to see how good I’ll feel after that.

My hardest problems are strictly lack of will. I am a stress eater and will eat everything in sight when I’m upset. I work at a school where high carb and high sugar foods are everywhere. I have a hard time saying no to things like cheezits and cookies.

I feel really motivated to make this challenge work for me and finally lose those last 10 pounds I’ve wanted to lose. I’ve lost around 25 pounds in the last two years. I used to be a size 14 and I topped out at 190lbs. Now I hover around a 10 and 165lbs.  I have taken pictures and measurements with T and we are doing this challenge together. When we are done we will show you the results.

T is a certified level one crossfit trainer and works out about 3 times a week. I am a certified couch potato. I’ll walk the dogs or take in a Zumba class once a month. It will be an interesting view on the nutritional lifestyle that is paleo; especially when we put it up against the calories in and calories out mentality.  I don’t plan on limiting my nutritional intake. I will eat when hungry and keep it to meat and vegetables.

I can’t wait to share the progress with you. I hope it may make a few more converts in the process.


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One response to “Paleo Lean Down Challenge

  • mom

    alright – im in – much to your dad’s dismay – I am sick of how far i have fallen off that wagon my self.
    10- pounds up since the wedding (at least) if not more and i feel terrible. Diet & exercise.
    I’ll do it my way you do it yours – I’ll measure tomorrow and we can challenge each other – Love you…
    Your Fattie Mamma

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