Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you…

The NomNomNinja!!! Yes, it is I, Bret Jacobsen, aka the NomNomNinja. My good friends, Cassie and Toben, have invited me to be a contributing editor to Leetsstreet tasty nomnoms blog…and that being such a big honor, I could hardly turn it down. A quick little history of me. I’m 28 and currently in the Army’s Physician Assistant program at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio and it generally sucks up the vast majority of my life. That being said, I don’t have time to cook much. Not during the week, for sure, which is why I do the bulk of my cooking on Sundays for the entire week. Its not for everyone, but it works for me. So, about two years ago, I almost burned down the building I was living in trying to cook some chicken and veggies. I didn’t even think it was possible, but it is. Trust me. Then I didn’t even step foot near a kitchen for almost a year. Then some pretty awesome people took me under their wing and gave me the tutelage I needed to become relatively self-sufficient in the kitchen. Now, in the past 9 months or so, I have made some leaps and bounds in my pursuit of culinary awesomeness. I have gone through some trials and tribulations, had some astounding failures and some pretty epic wins along the way. I started with just making anything that kinda sounded healthy. Then it progressed to some more advanced techniques and things and then on to being even healthier. i cut out a lot of crap and started eating actual produce and non-processed garbage (for the most part) and since the beginning of the year I have adopted a more ‘strict’ paleo/primal lifestyle. Now thats not to say I do it all the time, because I don’t. But I do it most of the time, and I have noticed some marked improvements in my fitness, my weight and body composition, and my overall well-being. I put good in, I feel good. I put crap in, I feel like crap. Plain and simple. So what I will be posting about will generally be relatively simple meals that are paleo/primal in nature and what I find to be tasty. I like spicy stuff, so most everything will be spicy, but you don’t have to follow that by any means. Flavor as you see fit. My stuff does not turn out nearly as pretty as Cassie and Toben’s, but it does generally taste good. I will be diligent with pictures and trying to be a tad more precise with measurements and ingredients, because oftentimes I like to just throw random things together and see how it all turns out. Documentation was never my strong suit. But here’s to new things! With that long, rambling nonsense, I will say goodnight. As Sundays are my cooking days, I will be posting some things the next few days. I am feeling culinarily ambitious for tomorrow and have purchased the necessaries for a serious undertaking of epic awesomeness tomorrow. Meatza, squash lasagna, paleo snacks (pizza bites and yum yum bars), and my other general weekly foods that I prepare. I hope to do this site some justice, because I have used many of Cassie’s recipes so far and they’ve all come out pretty damn tasty, unless I screwed them up, which happens. A lot. So good night, and be wary of the NomNom Ninja…he’s everywhere…


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