Baked Hot Legs

Since straying away from the more Standard American Diet I’ve come to love chicken in it’s entirety. Not just the bland and often dry breast that every “diet” says is the best source of protein. I also have found that the rest of the chicken is much cheaper than buying boneless, skinless, breasts. You can find chicken thighs or legs for a fraction of the price of the other stuff. These pieces are the darker, richer, more flavorful parts. And, they all come with SKIN! Nothing tastes better to me than some hot, crispy, chicken skin.

I really like to eat hot wings and legs in the tradition bar food way, breaded and fried. However, no one’s nutritional plan advocates eating that way. These legs have all the flavor of the hot wings you get at the bar (thanks to some special seasoning) without any of the bad stuff. You can use wings or legs for this. T likes the legs so that’s what I buy. They are always cheaper than wings. Which is an added bonus.

Baked Hot Legs (or wings)
Chicken pieces
Slap ya mama seasoning (This is some of the best stuff out there. Get the hot.)

Yeah, that’s it.

On a baking rack, line your chicken pieces out.
Sprinkle with the seasoning evenly all over.

Bake at 350 for 30ish minutes making sure to turn them half way through to get all sides crispy.

These are very spicy and delicious! The juice and extra fat drips down during cooking so that the skin gets crispy without frying. Try this and you won’t miss bar wings!


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